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Experience. Simply put . . . there will always be others out there who can do a job quicker, cheaper, or find a way to cut corners.  Since 1980, our philosophy has always been to provide the highest level of service for our clients backed by a wealth of experience and expertise. We inspect carefully and systematically with an eye for the routine as well as for the complex.  Our reputation is crucial to our longevity in the industry and in the Upstate.  We work only for you and have interest only in that you understand what you are buying. State licensing numbers are an indication of how long someone has been inspecting in South Carolina because they are assigned chronologically. Comparing state license numbers may help you assess an inspector’s experience. A high number, combined with a low price may indicate a less experienced inspector.

Our base price begins at $365 and increases with the age and size of the home. Our prices are competitive with equally experienced inspectors. Your choice of a home inspector should not be based on price alone. The trained and experienced inspectors of Buyers’ Inspection Group have the expertise and are provided the time needed to perform a thorough inspection and then produce a comprehensive report that is easy to read. The report includes repair and safety items as well as maintenance tips.

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You can call us any time at 864-235-1019. If your call comes in when the office is closed or when our lines are busy, please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible. Or, you can have your agent call us to order. Buyers’ prefers to speak with someone personally to make sure we collect all the information needed to provide you the best customer service. Home size and age as well as travel distance affect available appointment times and we want to be sure enough time is provided for your complete home inspection.

We inspect the foundation, basement/crawlspace/slab, roof, attic, exterior, electrical, plumbing, HVAC systems, chimneys/fireplaces, decks/porches/stoops, doors, windows, kitchen appliances, garages, and interiors.

A home under 3,000 square feet usually takes two to three hours. Larger or older homes may take longer depending on their condition.

  • radon gas testing with continuous electronic monitors
  • mold and mildew air samples and swabs,
  • well water testing,
  • asbestos testing/sampling

No. Not every house needs a drone to be flown. Some roofs are low enough to be walked and although not required by the State of South Carolina, walking a roof is still the best way to inspect. Weather and restricted airspaces around the Upstate’s numerous airports may also limit drone use on your inspection day. However, Buyers’ stands by accurately reporting roof conditions–no matter the inspection method used. Drone operators also need a FAA license for insurance coverage. Refer to the Our Company page to see which of our inspectors are currently licensed.

Infrared cameras are another tool in our toolbox. Again, weather and house conditions can affect effectiveness. Ideally, a 20 degree temperature difference between indoors and outdoors is preferred for best interpretations. Under the right conditions, infrared cameras may help detect water leaks and missing insulation that would not normally be readily visible.

Buyers’ prefers to work with dedicated pest inspectors from Dobbins Termite and Pest Control. If you ask, we will pass along your inspection scheduling request to Dobbins. Dobbins will contact you and bill you separately for their services such as inspecting for elevated moisture levels, wood destroying insects and other conditions that attract insects into the home’s structure.

Yes, where applicable, with a Bacarach electronic monoxide tester.  There is no additional fee for this service.

We recommend that you attend but it is not required. If you attend the inspection you will see what the inspector observes and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about the home’s condition.

Our report is an easy to read comprehensive narrative style report. It is delivered by email on the next business day. Custom bound hard copies are available by request. It contains full color digital photography throughout. Our report is not a check list or large book with information about all types of houses and conditions. Each report is produced individually for each house we inspect. Our inspections and reports exceed the Standards of Practice of the American Society of Home Inspectors ® (ASHI ® ) that is also the South Carolina Residential Builders Commissions Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors.

Yes.  A Pre-Inspection Agreement is an integral part of the report. An example of this agreement can be found in our sample report.

You must have Acrobat Reader to read our reports. If you do not have the reader loaded, we have added a link for download. Click on the Acrobat Reader Icon to install the reader on to your machine. Then click on “SAMPLE REPORT” above.

Yes.  All homes should be inspected. Even the finest custom home is hand made. Many discrepancies seen in older homes have been issues since the house was new. A new home does not guarantee a home without defects.

Yes.  A prelisting inspection can be a valuable selling tool, in addition, it can help avoid anxiety or unwanted surprises prior to closing.

Yes.  All homes should be inspected.  Warranties only include certain items and do not include pre-existing conditions.

No.  This is a conflict of interest and is not permitted either by ASHI ® or the South Carolina Residential Builders Commissions.

Yes we are fully bonded and insured.

Yes.  All of our inspectors are full time inspectors.

Anyone living in a home older than 1978 should assume that lead paint is present unless they know for a fact that the entire home has been stripped to the studs. Lead testing is limited to spot checks. Random locations that appear to be original are sampled but an inspector has no way of knowing if that component has or has not been replaced. So, even if a test sample comes back lead free, there may be lead paint elsewhere in the home. It’s important to be lead smart if you live in an older home. Inexpensive lead test kits are readily available at building supply and hardware stores. Click here for more info.

Usually, yes, we can inspect most townhouses, condos and some apartments. SC state law is specific. Licensed home inspectors are limited to structures three (3) stories in height and with sixteen (16) or fewer units. Larger buildings are considered commercial properties and a commercial inspector must be hired. Please call the office at 864-235-1019 to enquire if we have a commercial inspector on staff.

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